Father and Daughter at the Beach

Originally written January 26, 2015


In the fall of 1999, I sat with my father,

on a beach chair on a Floridian sunny day.

My swimming cap was as pink as a rose, my smile so

innocent, although some of my teeth looked like they

got knocked out by a ball in an arcade game.

The sun should’ve revealed my brown eyes a little more,

but it felt too hot for them, so the umbrella shade

protected them. I had a curly strand of hair

peeking in my view, but if you look closely,

it almost looked like the tail of a mouse.

Sunglasses obscured my father’s eyes,

making him look a little bit like Stevie Wonder.

But if you look at his coarse black hair, you could

see that he bore a striking resemblance to Nicolas Cage.

On his left arm is a tattoo of the sun and the moon,

with the sun shining brighter than all the stars.

A summer breeze blew through us as we bear-hugged each other

for warmth, the wind carrying a coconut fragrance.

The palm trees behind us and the seagulls squawking overhead

completed the picture of tropical paradise.