Miss Universe 2015, Miscrowned (with Memes)

I wanted to go out to New York City with my family last night, but we all decided to stay at my grandparents’ house to watch the 64th Miss Universe pageant. I thought that since Donald Trump no longer owns the Miss Universe pageant because of his racist remarks towards the Mexicans, it would no longer air on TV. Of course, Fox volunteered to air every man’s favorite pageant on their channel.

That’s not the point, though.

The highlight of the night was Steve Harvey, the master of ceremonies, giving the Miss Universe crown to Miss Colombia, who bears some resemblance to Sofia Vergara, by mistake. As Ariadna Gutiérrez, the contestant representing Colombia, was basking in the glory of having been crowned Miss Universe, the most coveted pageant title since 1952, Harvey rushed back to the stage a minute later to announce that he had misread the cue card. The crown is supposed to go to Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines, making Miss Colombia the first runner-up (Miss USA Olivia Jordan is the second runner-up).

It was a shock, I understand, but I had a feeling that Miss Philippines was going to win the pageant, anyhow.

Although Steve Harvey apologized for his mistake both onstage and on Twitter, everyone and their sister created a perfect storm of memes poking fun at his human error. Here are some of my favorites.


Steve Harvey already apologized for miscrowning Miss Colombia, but someone still had the brilliant idea of covering Justin Bieber’s face with Harvey’s in a parody of Bieber’s latest hit “Sorry.”
Miss Universe 2015 meme
Miss Colombia’s 15 minutes of fame was literally cut short.
Steve Harvey misspelling meme
A “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” inspired meme. Answers A and B are the misspellings of “Philippines” and “Colombia” that Harvey wrote in his original tweet, which was deleted and replaced with the correct spellings of both countries’ names.
Oprah Winfrey Miss Universe meme
Remember “You get a car, and you get a car! Everyone gets a car!”? This meme is precisely what I believe Oprah would say to young girls and women with self-esteem issues.
Steve Harvey mistake
Some of us want Friday to last forever, but Steve Harvey reminds us that it’s Monday and we have to go back to work or school for the next five days.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Miss Colombia. There’s still a chance she might win Miss Congeniality.