Becoming Miss Forgetful and I Hate It!

Photographic memory is one of the wonderful gifts that came with my Asperger’s syndrome. Unfortunately, I feel that it is somehow being taken away from me in the form of not doing some of the simplest tasks given to me. Three nights ago, I had to suffer the verbal wrath of my brother when he discovered that I didn’t get him the Pic•Nic Fries from Walmart the previous night. He yelled, “ARE YOU F%$*ING SH&*ING ME!” twice because this was not the first time I had forgotten some items he wanted. Last month, I forgot to get him the strawberry Special K bars that he explicitly told me to acquire–along with two other things I can’t even remember–and he got a little bit upset. One hour later, after I baked some chocolate chip cookies, my brother requested that I serve him vanilla ice cream with the cookies, but I gave him Heavenly Hash (chocolate ice cream with almonds and some other nuts) instead because I didn’t hear him say “vanilla” the first time.
Two days ago, before my post-op appointment at the dental surgeon’s office, my stepdad told me to do two things: lower the A/C on the both floors of the house and ask my brother’s girlfriend if she could pick me up from the dentist because my stepdad had a meeting that required him to go straight to work after dropping me off. I adjusted the A/C on the top floor and asked my brother’s girlfriend, who was tending to my brother because he just had his wisdom teeth eviscerated, if she could actually bring me back home after my appointment. Afterward, I proceeded not to lower the downstairs A/C but to put away the dishes that I put to wash the night before. When my stepdad realized I forgot to lower the second A/C, I got frustrated. Even more so when, on the way to my 1:00pm appointment, my stepdad told me that the ability to multi-task–“doing 12 things at one time instead of 2,” he says–is one of the many requirements of the workplace.
Yesterday, I forgot to lower the A/C AGAIN after my stepdad asked me to do so. Only this time, I realized it while I was playing Sonic Colors on my Wii. (I was checking to see if the Wii really is acting up, but that’s another story for another day.)

So, why the hell am I forgetting to do the most simplest tasks, and feel that when I forget one teensy-weensy thing everybody loses it? The way I see it there are a few possibilities:

1. I’m not drinking as much water as I’m supposed to. The human brain needs 8 glasses of water per day in order to function properly. Studies show that people who drink the recommended amount of water on a daily basis have less trouble with memory and cognitive issue than those who take in less water. You know what they say, your brain is like a sponge.

2. I have too much going on in my mind, including going back to school on Monday, when the hell I’ll go out to practice my driving again, and how much longer I’ll be forced to endure the pain of having my wisdom teeth removed and trying to prevent food crumbs from going into the cavities where my bottom wisdom teeth used to be.

3. I’m not reading as much books as I used to. Aside from playing Pokémon, I haven’t been doing anything that stimulates my brain. I’m still smart as hell, but still, not reading any novels has kinda screwed me over. I’m still halfway through Misery Loves Cabernet, for God’s sake!

I hope my memory gets better soon. I don’t want to be an Alzheimer’s risk.