High Academic Pressure

Finals season–an extremely stressful time for 99.99 percent of college students, including the autistic me.

The most excruciating final exam on my list is from Ethics. The majority of the questions on that exam is 50 percent True/False, 50 percent Matching, and the only one who is not happy with the way it’s written besides me–and probably the other students in the online class–is my Ethics professor himself. According to him, the final exam was written by professors within the Humanities department other than him, and he can’t do much of anything to tweak it to his liking. This leads me to conclude that the people who wrote the online Ethics course had a high disregard for the busy schedules and lives of otherwise full-time college students like myself.

Don’t believe me? I have to write three consecutive essays within less than a month–all while I have to study for my third Geology exam two days before Thanksgiving and while everybody starts their Christmas shopping! I already turned in one essay about Bioethics, and I got a 66.7 percent because I didn’t explain the Human Rights Theory involving the unethical treatment of a certain group of people I wrote about.

What kind of a college course would require its students to write three consecutive essays in one month? That’s not fair, especially when some students, like myself, have an anxiety problem.

Meanwhile, I’m struggling with trying to transfer to a university of my choice and figuring out what jobs are available with my Associate of Arts degree should anything arise.