Sonic Boom Off the Air for One Month

Sonic Boom Off the Air for One Month

I didn’t expect Sonic Boom to not be on the air today. I certainly didn’t expect to hear that the show will be on hiatus for a month one week after the premiere of its second season.

Two years ago, I shied away from Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal following their horrendous display of glitches and deafening dialogue on top of a shoddy storyline, but I couldn’t resist watching the TV show on Cartoon Network. I believed that Sonic Boom, along with Adventure Time, Regular Show and Steven Universe, was going to drag Cartoon Network out of its creative hell. Actually, the show would’ve made twice the positive impact on the network’s quality as the other ones mentioned here were not for the 7:30am time slot it was given for Saturday mornings. I used to get of bed that early on the weekends for Sonic X because a decade ago, there weren’t any DVRs to help viewers record programs of their choosing except for TiVO, which I didn’t have at the time. Because 4KidsTV would change the time slot for Sonic X at any time, be it at 8:30am or 10:30am, I got out of bed at 6:30 in the morning to watch the other shows first. Nowadays, kids don’t wake up that early on a Saturday morning anymore because of the high academic and extracurricular demands disrupting their sleep schedules, not to mention their circadian rhythms, making them sleep in until 9:00 or 10:00 on the weekends. Thankfully, their DVRs can record their favorite cartoons if they set it to “Series Recording.”

Then there’s lack of advertising. Cartoon Network promoted Sonic Boom at least a week before it first aired. The second time they advertised the show was in July 2015, when they announced that they would air two weeks worth of new episodes from July 13th to the 24th. They haven’t advertised anything for the current season, which resulted in the 560,000 viewer rating for the season premiere episode “Tommy Thunder: Method Actor.”

I was expecting Sonic Boom to be just as serious as Sonic X, but the humor it took after popular comedy shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory drew me to the show like a honeybee flying to the most beautiful rose in the park. I hope Cartoon Network places Sonic Boom on to later time slot come December. Until then, I’ll find other comedy shows to release the dopamine I need to survive the rest of the semester.


Sausage Party Trailer Reaction

Once upon time, I objected every single adult-animated show that everyone my age and over went a little crazy about. As I grew older, I’ve learned to accept Family Guy, The Simpsons, and even Futurama (now cancelled but available on Netflix) for gracing the small screens to offer their satirical views about the world as we know it. And it’s not just the satire I’ve come to embrace, it’s their animation styles as well. Sure, the producers of those shows throw in some sexual references every now and then, but they proved to be of good taste.

Then there’s this trailer of an adult-animated film that appears to be of poor taste in artery-clogging proportions.


The only screenshot I could find that best describes how appalled I am by the Sausage Party trailer is this:

An overrated SpongeBob meme, I know.

Granted, the potato dropping F-bombs while his skin was being sliced off took me by surprise. But the design that shocked me the most was the hot dog bun named Brenda. Her mouth bears a striking resemblance to the flap of…well, some of you may have taken anatomy classes, so you should know what female part Brenda’s mouth resembles without me having to tell you. (Brenda is voiced by Kristen Wiig, but Miley Cyrus should’ve been cast for the role.)

I initially thought that, because Sausage Party is an animated film, it’s gonna be for both kids and adults. But the whole two minutes of all the anthropomorphic food shouting obscenities every five seconds tells me that it’s 100% intended for the latter group, courtesy of Seth Rogen, who produced and voices the main sausage character Frank (obviously derived from the hot dog’s original name “frankfurter”) in the movie.

My stance on this upcoming animated film is…neutral. Sausage Party looks like it was created out of poor taste, but it does have some potential to be the best R-rated animated comedy of the year. It doesn’t come out until August 11, so even though the MPAA hasn’t given the movie the R-rated stamp, Rogen is aiming for that goal.

The last thing I can say is, Sausage Party might make some of us go totally vegetarian or vegan after the end credits. After all, it is a spoof of the Disney-Pixar film Toy Story. Rogen, you’ve taken adult animation to the next level for the first time in years. My mind is already blown away.