The Return of Samurai Jack

Courtesy: Adult Swim

Reboots of our favorite Cartoon Network shows from the 1990s and 2000s are giving even the most faithful animation fans (like myself) some dissatisfaction at how different they are from the original. Samurai Jack is exception to the reboot treatment because, after over a decade since its cancellation, it’s coming back for a new season.

Adult Swim announced Wednesday, Dec. 2 that Samurai Jack has been renewed for a new season to be aired next year on the Toonami block. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky, who recently directed Hotel Transylvania and its sequel, is currently producing the new season at the Cartoon Network Studio in Los Angeles.

Samurai Jack tells the story of a feudal samurai who, before defeating dark wizard Aku once and for all, gets sent to the future, where the entire world is under the rule of Aku. Jack, who is given the name shortly after arriving in the future, goes off to fight Aku in order to go back to his own time.

I may not have watched Samurai Jack a lot as a kid–I’ve seen a couple of episodes here and there–but I’m generally happy to see that one of the greatest cartoon shows of my generation is picking up where it left off after Cartoon Network cancelled the series in 2004. It would’ve been better if Samurai Jack aired on Cartoon Network again in general along with Regular Show and Adventure Time, but I think Tartakovsky intended to air its new season on Adult Swim because my generation isn’t finished watching it. In the meantime, we should refamiliarize ourselves with the show on Netflix (if it’s still there, which it should be), and introduce the show to our kids (if some of us have kids already).

Whether Phil Lamar will reprise his voice role of the titular character and who will be cast as Aku, whose previous voice actor Mako Iwamatsu passed away at age 72 of esophageal cancer in 2006, is yet to be determined.