The True Cause of Robin Williams’s Death

The True Cause of Robin Williams’s Death

Robin Williams’s widow, Susan Williams, appeared in an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America to speak out about the real cause of the famous comedian’s 2014 suicide Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Williams revealed that Robin committed suicide not because of depression as everybody believed, but rather Lewy body dementia (LBD), the second most common form of dementia after Alzheimer’s disease that affects about 1.4 million people in the United States each year. LBD is caused by the aggregation of normal proteins in the brain, forming clumps called Lewy bodies, as the name of the disorder implies, that severely affect the brain’s ability to transmit signals. The symptoms of LBD include, but not limited to, hallucinations, memory loss, confusion, reduced attention span, mobility impairment and depression, though the latter is not a major symptom.



Childhood Ruined in Paraguay

In the United States, people say that abortion cannot be performed except in cases where the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest, or the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life. Paraguay, on the other hand, bans abortion except for the latter case. Therein lies a big problem: when young girls become pregnant as a result of sexual abuse, the Paraguayan government doesn’t give back their childhoods by aborting their unwanted pregnancies, as with a recent case of an 11-year-old girl who gave birth by cesarean (C-section) on Thursday.

The 11-year-old girl got raped by her stepfather, Gilberto Benitez Zárate, when she was 10. On April 21, the girl, whose name has not been revealed because she’s a minor and an abuse victim, complained about abdominal pain, and her mother took her to the hospital in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncíon. There, they discovered that the girl was 22 weeks pregnant, and authorities immediately arrested her mother for child neglect. They also arrested Zárate, 42, and charged him with rape and child abuse. The girl’s mother was released on bond in June, and she and her family have been pressing for an abortion because being pregnant at such a young age carries significant health risks. Unfortunately, the Paraguayan authorities didn’t see anything wrong with the pregnant 10-year-old girl, so they denied her access to abortion.

Religious groups applauded their decision to make the girl continue her pregnancy–Paraguay is a very Catholic country, after all–but human rights groups, including Amnesty International and the United Nations, harshly criticized it. I stand with the human rights groups. It’s one thing to punish the stepfather for raping and impregnating the child of his wife, which is good justice, but to punish the rape victim by forcing her to continue the high-risk, unwanted pregnancy and raise a child at the extremely young age of 11 is arbitrarily harsh. Being a Catholic country shouldn’t give Paraguay ultimate authority to exploit religion to deny rape victims the right to abort unwanted pregnancies, especially girls as young as 10. I’m Catholic myself, but I really don’t condone Paraguay–or any other religious country–forcing girls and young women to continue unplanned pregnancies as a form a punishment. Sexual abuse victims already feel that getting raped is punishment enough.

Donald Trump: The BIGGEST Idiot in U.S. Politics

Donald Trump: The BIGGEST Idiot in U.S. Politics

We’re still in the middle of 2015, and the hype for the 2016 Presidential Election has just begun. With every campaign comes some form of major stupidity from at least one presidential candidate–specifically, media business mogul Donald Trump.

For the past month, Republican candidate Donald Trump’s gargantuan acts of stupidity have been making headlines all across the country. In his presidential campaign announcement speech, Trump made derogatory remarks at Mexican immigrants, saying that they are, “in many cases, criminals, drug dealers, rapists, etc.” even though that is never the case. As a result of his racial slurs towards Mexicans, NBC and Spanish-language network Univision severed their business relationship to Trump and decided not to air the Miss USA or Miss Universe pageants–both of which he’s owned since 1996–on their networks. Looks like no one’s gonna watch the world’s most beautiful models vie for the crown this year–or for many years to come–thanks to that asshole.

At the first GOP debate two nights ago, Trump slammed Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly for asking questions regarding the misogynistic, sexist comments that he made in the past–he’s called them “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals”–deeming them “ridiculous” and “off-base.” To further escalate the situation, Trump offended Kelly by telling CNN’s Don Lemon she had “blood coming out of her wherever.” I thought he was referring to her menstrual cycle, but he said that blood was coming out of her eyes and her nose.

I may be a Democrat, but I think Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the Republican Party. He thinks that he can eschew punishment simply because he’s got millions and billions of dollars to his name. But guess what? As long as Trump runs his vulgar mouth about Mexican immigrants, women, and other minorities–he already claims to believe that autism is caused by vaccines, which incensed me because there is no scientific evidence to support it–everyone and every business he’s associated with will completely disown him for good, and he’ll be forced to drop out of the 2016 presidential race. (Then again, how the hell did Trump get ahead of Jeb Bush and other notable GOP candidates in the national polls?) Trump’s being booted by NBC, Univision, Macy’s, who dropped his clothing line, and NASCAR, who ended their sponsorship with Trump by declaring they will not host its post season awards banquet at his golf resort in Doral, Florida, has proved that much.

Although I have no ill will against others, I sincerely hope that Donald Trump gets dropped from the presidential race because if he ever gets elected President, I’m afraid he’ll bastardize America much further than it’s already been.

I always say that politics is dirty business. Politics has gotten even messier now that Donald Trump is involved.

And I thought George W. Bush was the worst.

Charleston Shooting, Dylann Roof, and the Confederate Flag Debate

Last Wednesday night, June 17, I was surfing CNN on my phone when I came across this headline: “9 Killed in Charleston Church Shooting.” I shrugged and mumbled, “Ridiculous. Who would go into the House of God and kill everybody?” and went straight to sleep. The next morning, new details of the church shooting emerged, revealing that it was a hate crime against a group of faithful African-Americans.

The gunman, Dylann Roof, who is exactly my age, went to the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church–nicknamed Mother Emanuel my many people in the community–and sat with the prayer group for one hour before he opened fire at everyone, killing nine people, including the Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was notable for preaching about love and forgiveness to his congregation. In 1997, Pinckney was elected to the South Carolina State House of Representatives at the age of 23, making him the youngest African-American legislator in the state’s history. His friends and family were–and still are–shocked to hear about his tragic death.

What shocked me and my family the most was what went through the mind of Dylann Roof. It turned out that he had written a manifesto describing his racist views against African-Americans, claiming that coverage of Trayvon Martin’s death “awakened” him to “black on White violence.” He sided with George Zimmerman’s decision to shoot him and was prompted to Google “black on White crime.” Roof came across the website for the Council of Conservative Citizens, which had an entire library of black on White murder cases, and was shocked to see that news stations reported more of Trayvon Martin’s life and death but lacked reports of black on White crimes. The group shut down their website in the midst of negative publicity, but its president, Earl Holt, said the organization was “hardly responsible” for Roof’s heinous actions.

What disgusted me and my mother the most about Dylann Roof was his Facebook photos. Every single picture CNN showed to the public was proof that Roof clearly stood by his racist views against African-Americans, intending to “start a race war,” as he said to one of his friends. Also, Roof didn’t look mentally ill–not that they said he was. Rather, he looked like the son of Satan, like a villain straight out of an old Cartoon Network show (I suppose you know which one it is). And in some of the pictures, his jacket had patches of the flags of apartheid-era South Africa and Rhodesia. One photo even showed Roof waving the Confederate flag.

So began the debate of whether the Confederate flag should still fly, especially over the state capitol of South Carolina. The Confederate flag was used as a battle flag by the Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee during the Civil War, and it has been deemed a racist symbol by many Americans–especially African-Americans–ever since. Today, the governor of South Carolina called for the Confederate flag to stop flying over the state capitol. The governors of Virginia and North Carolina declared to remove the symbol from their license plates. Several of the country’s retailers, including Walmart, eBay, and Amazon, decided to ban the sale of the Confederate flag and other products that flash the emblem. I applaud those states and businesses for taking action to stamp out the flag that has been the symbol of racial intolerance for centuries. White supremacy is no longer acceptable in this day and age, and it’s high time that we treat the African-American people with the love and respect that they deserve.

One more thing: Dylann Roof, may you burn in Hell for your display of hatred towards the people whose blood you’ve spilled in the House of God. You’re gonna get the death penalty, anyway.

An Overdose of Racism and Pride in the Police Force

An Overdose of Racism and Pride in the Police Force

Two of the most deadly sins in this world are Pride and Prejudice.

I had just finished watching the 007 film The World Is Not Enough when I flipped my DVR back to CNN and saw a YouTube video of a police officer pinning an African-American teenage girl to the ground while arresting her. The girl in question was attending an end-of-the-school-year pool party with her friends, some of whom got arrested as well, at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool in McKinney, Texas, when her group was put out by the security guard. A woman at the pool made racist remarks at the kids, such as “Get used to the bars outside this pool, because that’s all you’re going to see,” and “Go back to Section 8 [public] housing.” One of the white teens, apparently the daughter of that same woman, talked back to her about her attitude towards the group, and the fight between the two broke out. The other adults called the police to report a disturbance “involving multiple juveniles at the location, who do not live in the area or have permission to be there, refusing to leave,” referring to the black teens who committed no crime whatsoever. As soon as the police arrived, one cop, Cpl. Eric Casebolt, began yelling to the kids, “GET YOUR ASS ON THE GROUND!” While the other officers were detaining the other teens who were pleading that they just arrived for a friend’s birthday party, Casebolt pinned down the 14-year-old girl and pulled out his gun on her as she cried out for her mother and begged for release.  Some kids rushed to her aid and shouted, “That’s my cousin! Why are you doing this to her?! She didn’t even do nothin’!”

Neither did the other kids who came to the party.

The video, shot by one of the kids who posted it on YouTube the next day, proves there are still some law enforcement officers who are just too damn overzealous with their jobs–not to mention the racist views they hold against African-Americans of any age. It’s as if decades of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s noble work towards equality has gone down the drain. As a matter of fact, some police officers have been defacing King, Jr.’s work for the past three years, if not longer. I’m extremely disgusted at how prejudiced the justice system has become towards the people who are just the same as us despite their skin tones. Cpl. Eric Casebolt and other prejudicial and overzealous police officers are the ones who have committed a crime, NOT the innocent teenagers.