The Siphoned Heart

Originally written February 13, 2015


My first love was five years my senior,

Yet he and I were exactly alike.

Autistic—Asperger’s, mind you—with

Big hearts of gold; encyclopedic

Knowledge of video games, animation,

History, and politics; and a wish for world peace.

But the love we had for each other

Was beautiful. I loved him

Just as much as he loved me.

One summer night, all that changed when

He told me, with a sullen look on his face,

That our romance had to come to an end. I believe he

Never meant that because—and please

Don’t write me off as crazy—a Heartless

Stole the heart that loved me and

Replaced it the heart that wanted

Nothing to do with me romantically

At all.

To this very day,

My mind has been racing

With thoughts of running the world over,

Keyblade in hand, to find the dark villain

Responsible for stealing the heart

Of a man who loved me so dearly, and

Take it back. Only when I return the

Golden heart to my man will

He love me again, because his heart

Belongs to me, not the romance-hating

Devil that is our society.


5 thoughts on “The Siphoned Heart

  1. It was nothing like that. I fell apart, I couldn’t handle anything, I wasn’t right for you. You deserve someone better.


  2. Really? I thought it was pretty clear. -shrugs- I’m sure you can guess by the name, I’m not a heartless, but I’ve lost my heart… c’mon.


    1. Andy?
      Good Lord, I’m so sorry.
      If you paid attention, I wrote that a Heartless stole your heart and replaced it with something else, not that you became one.
      Don’t take this the wrong way, but everything I wrote in this poem is how I felt in my mind at the time. There are even times when I would ask myself, “What the hell did I do wrong?” Other than that, I wrote it for my online Creative Writing class and submitted it the day before Valentine’s Day, before everything else started going downhill for me and my family.


  3. But, when a heartless steals a heart, the body becomes a heartless, and the heart becomes a nobody, or is it the other way around… there are a lot of translation errors in the game so it’s hard to tell.


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