To Love, or Not to Love?

To love, or not to love—that is the question:
Whether it is nobler for my heart to suffer
The bullets of the uncertain future of my relationship with the man I love,
Or to armor myself against the storm of troubles,
And by opposing end them? To love, to part—
No more—and by part we say to end
The heartache, and the thousand complications
We lovers are forced to endure at the hands of
Our damned society. To love, to part;
To love—perchance to stay. Yes, that’s the issue;
For what’s the point of staying with my man
If he’s at a crossroads, trying to choose whether
To love me like the romantic lover he is,
Or to love me like I’m his little sister
For the sake of making a living without such a distraction as me.
It seems the Devil made my beloved lose his way,
Making him erase me from his mind and his heart.
If that is true, then why couldn’t he just stay dead
After Christ, my Lord and Savior, defeated him?
It’s because Satan wants to make
The life of love a living hell,
To build a wall between me and my beloved,
And to keep us separated forevermore.
I wish to fight the Beast in the name of Jesus Christ,
So that I can win back my right to stay with the man I love
And so that he’ll never come between us ever again.
My beloved means the whole world to me,
And I really want to stay with him for all eternity.


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