Confessions of a Gamer Girl

I’ve been playing video games for at least sixteen years.
Although I take great pleasure in playing on every console and handheld system,
there are days when I wish I could’ve read more substantial books
in lieu of spending all my time grabbing rings and diamonds
in Sonic, beating Heartless in Kingdom Hearts, and training real hard
in Pokémon, trying to, as its slogan says, “catch ‘em all.”

How is it that I came to be a gamer girl at all?
It all started when I was at a tender five years
of age. My brother was trying to beat a hard
level of Yoshi’s Island on Nintendo’s golden system,
the Super Nintendo. I was watching him get through a cave of diamonds
whilst reading from a kindergarten book.

At the age of nine, I started reading monthly gaming books
from the stands in Publix and Walmart. But of course, all
I wanted to read was articles related to Sonic, whose colorful diamonds
make him faster and stronger. However, as the years
progressed, I developed an interest in a new system
of gaming—role-playing games—which is not extremely hard.

Unfortunately, the part about being a gamer girl that’s very hard
was the bullying. In middle school, I would hide behind my scholastic books
to shield myself from the slew of taunts and hateful remarks—courtesy of a system
of raging hormones and selective discrimination. As I reached high school, all
I needed was a friend who could understand my interests. Then I met a guy five years
my senior, and we began a friendship more precious than digital diamonds.

As our friendship blossomed into nerdy romance, we helped Sonic collect diamonds
and cosplayed as the blue hedgehog and his pink lover on Halloween. Then a new, hard
challenge appeared in the gaming community: immaturity in Sonic’s fanbase. In my years
of gaming, I had never seen gamers go nuts over changes in recent Sonic games. Gaming books
even displayed harsh criticism at Sonic’s endeavors since 2005. I never bashed at all
the Sonic games I got because I enjoyed playing them regardless of the console system.

Of course, with the release of any new console or handheld gaming system
came the money-burning desire to play the games designed for them. They’re like big diamonds
out of Sierra Leone, and it was every gamer’s job—and mine—to save money to buy them all.
However, for some gamers, coming up with the finances to purchase a new console is hard,
so we would have to go to our accountant’s offices to look at our checkbooks
and wait to get our desired gaming console in a few years.

I’m not sure how many gaming console systems
a gamer girl like myself can own in a lifetime, so I might as well shop for some faux diamonds
and get into a gamer’s alternative hobby: reading Japanese comic books.


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